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    One Call Now
    One Call Now is a new system STA is using ...



    Tom Torlakson Needs Our Help!
    We need phone bank volunteers --  As little as a ½ an ...



    STA Declares Impasse
    On May 1, 2014, Stockton Teachers Association declared impasse in ...



    Stockton Teachers Association Teachers Of Excellence Awards Dinner
    Friday, May 23, 2014 Hilton Stockton  ♦ Delta Ballroom 2323 Grand Canal ...



    Stockton Teachers Association Golden Key Awards Dinner
    Friday, May 23, 2014 Hilton Stockton ♦ Delta Ballroom 2323 Grand Canal ...



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From Our President

New STA President: John Steiner

I’ve been a teacher in SUSD for twenty-eight years. Twenty seven of those years at were at Stagg High.  During that time, I served as Science Department chair, School Site ... Read More

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BREAKING NEWS: Bargaining Update!

BREAKING NEWS: Bargaining Update!

The following chart outlines the most recent proposals between STA & SUSD. See reverse for general bargaining information, and log on to for additional details. Transfer and Assignment (Article 17) STA ... Read More


District Agrees to Pay Full Cost of Least Expensive 2014 Healthcare Plan

Tuesday, September 10.

SUSD agreed to revise the 2014 Healthcare Rate Sheet and fully pay the least expensive healthcare plan for 2014. The least expensive 2014 healthcare plan premiums equal $1,257.61. Please make sure to refer to the revised rate sheet as you consider your healthcare options during Open Enrollment.

Open Enrollment is from September 16 through October 11, 2013. Please note, CALPERS has added Anthem Select HMO, Anthem Traditional HMO, and United HealthCare HMO to the existing benefit plans. Also, it is very important that members re-enroll for spousal rebate during the Open Enrollment.
STA will return to the bargaining table to negotiate benefits for 2015 and beyond. Thanks to all who gave voice to their concern that our contract language be honored.


Our Mission

STA is an association of professional educators that represents, supports, and advocates for all teachers of SUSD in a fair, open, and equitable manner.

STA 2014-2015

Regional Uniserv Staff.....La Nita Dominique
President.....John Steiner
Vice President.....Anne McCaughey
Treasurer.....John Steiner
Secretary.....Simone Simmons

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