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2014-15 Calendar Survey Results

The calendar survey ended Jan. 31. There were 772 responses. Calendar Draft 1 was selected. This is the calendar with the start date of August 11 (Non-student contact day), fall break as Oct. 13 through 17, last day of school is June 5 (Non-student contact day).

Since this is the same type of calendar selected at last year’s survey, bargaining team suggests STA offer the possibility of a two year calendar, as long as no bargaining units are left harmed with the decision.

A district calendar meeting with all bargaining units is scheduled on February 19.

Thanks to all who participated in the survey.



Attention STA Members:
Stockton Teachers Association is conducting a calendar survey for the upcoming school year. Please click on the “Registration” link at the bottom of the page. You’ll be asked to register using your SUSD email address. Teacher registration will result in a voting link being sent to the provided email address.
Please review the information and both calendar drafts before voting. Any STA member who does not currently have an SUSD email address may contact the STA office to confirm membership and relay their calendar preference.

The survey ended on January 31, 2014.

Pro’s and Con’s of Version 1
2014-15 Instructional Calendar

View Calendar Version 1.pdf


  • Later start date for beginning of the school year
  • Calendar very similar to the 2012-13 Instructional Year
  • District will have 6 additional days to place staff


  • First semester is 81 days, Second semester is 99 days
  • July 31 Professional Development Day and school year start date is separated by 10 days
  • School year ends in June

Pro’s and Con’s of Version 2
2014-15 Instructional Calendar

View Calendar Version 2.pdf


  • First Semester is 87 days, Second semester is 93 days
  • July 31 Professional Development Day is Thursday, Non-student contact day is Friday
  • School ends at the end of May


  • Earlier start to the beginning of the school year
  • Possible lower initial student enrollment because of earlier start date
  • District may have difficulty completing staffing with fewer summer days

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