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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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  1. Who are Site Representatives and the Executive Board?
  2. What do I do if I have a problem during my employment with the District?
  3. What do I do about contract violations?
  4. How can I get involved and help out in our Union?
  5. Can I transfer sick leave from one district to another?
  6. How many sick days can I use for personal necessity leave?
  7. What is bereavement leave?
  8. Can I view my personnel file?
  9. When and how do I file a formal complaint?
  10. When and how do I file a grievance?
  11. Can I be forced to change a student’s grade?
  12. Can I suspend a student from my class?
  13. If I am called to a meeting with one or more district officials what should I know before I go?
  14. What are the guidelines for parent observations and do I have to allow parent volunteers into my classroom?
  15. What are my rights as a probationary teacher?
  16. I was evaluated last year and my principal wants to evaluate me again this year. Can they?
  17. Can another teacher observe or evaluate my teaching?


Our Mission

STA is an association of professional educators that represents, supports, and advocates for all teachers of SUSD in a fair, open, and equitable manner.

STA 2012-2013

Regional Uniserv Staff.....La Nita Dominique
President.....Ellen Old -
Vice President.....Anne McCaughey
Treasurer.....John Steiner
Secretary.....Tracey Sittig

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